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Convert Youtube videos to mp3 & download safely

Paste video URL to begin. Or use this box to search Youtube - type to begin.
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Flvto can help download mp3 from Youtube in 3 easy steps:

  • STEP 1: copy Youtube video URL address by using Share menu. In there select Copy Link to place video URL into clipboard.
  • STEP 2: now open Flvto» and insert video URL from clipboard into the search box on top of the page and press red button.
  • STEP 3: after new button shows up - press it to convert Youtube video to mp3. File download will begin shortly. For video - use small button.
  • Flvto - Youtube converter to mp3 & mp4

    You have found Flvto - the great and old tradition of full featured Youtube converter. And it's a newer, better version than the original, simply because it is more light-weight, has zero redirects and distractions, and of course it's super fast and has even more features than the original Flvto, such as Youtube search and album art added to mp3. Yes, we're proud of the great work we've done, so here's newer, better, safer and much faster version of Flvto, please, take a look, you will definitely like it. Check out some of the things Flvto can do for you...

    Convert Youtube to mp3 & mp4

    Of course Flvto was made for Youtube. So here you can easily convert Youtube videos to mp4 and mp3 format and download to your device.

    Instagram mp4 & mp3 converter

    Instagram mp4 converter is included when you use Flvto. Here you can convert Instagram video to mp3, or download Instagram as mp4 file.

    Download videos from Facebook

    Flvto helps download FB videos and convert shorter ones to mp3. Simply copy video link from Facebook, paste in the box and hit download.

    Download Reddit videos w/audio

    Flvto is superb Reddit video downloader. It helps convert Reddit videos to mp3, and of course video file download includes audio track.

    Twitter mp4 & mp3 downloader

    Download videos from Twitter to mp4 file format, and convert Twitter videos to mp3. Sister Periscope is also supported, give it a try!

    Download videos & shows

    Easy download videos and TV series from Odnoklassniki video libraries. video downloader works great for short or long videos.

    Download Soundcloud mp3 free

    Download music from Soundcloud for free. Get preview sound quality, great to listen in headphones. HQ download offered if available.

    Download big Youtube playlists

    It's easy to download videos from Youtube playlists with Flvto. Convert Youtube playlist to mp3, select videos you want, not in bulk.

    Download online videos from great deal of places

    Great deal.. I wanted to use this phrase for so long, and now I have.. And it's truly is a great deal you're getting here.. Flvto can work with several hundred websites and online video communities. The number of confirmed sites we pawn reaches 750 something plus. We don't even run an online list anymore - hard to update it constantly. Flvto can extract online video and audio and help you download it to back it up or reshare elsewhere. Just copy video link from your app (usually easy to do so via the share button that's now on everything) or right from the browser's address bar. Then open Flvto, paste video URL into the white search box on top, click download button and enjoy the world of possibilities unfold in front of you as we scan the video page and show possible download options. It's very easy, it's very straightforward, even babies can download their favorite cartoons and other entertaining videos using Flvto, it's safe and really easy to use.

    Flvto has web app. Install it!

    Add to Home Screen

    If you like this site and use it on your mobile phone or windows laptop/desktop, you're in for a treat, since Flvto comes as a free web-based app that you can install on your Android phone or Windows device. And use full functionality of the website in the comfort of your favorite setting and device. Android likes it, Google supports it, simply click on the button above to activate standard web-app installation prompt, and we guarantee you will love this app beyond measure.. Or just delete it - it's free so there's no obligation..

    Use quick access bookmark

    Download Mp4

    You can also skip all the URL address copy and paste part of the process and use this quick-access shortcut, or as older people would say - bookmark. This bookmark can do what other bookmarks cannot. Drag it to your browser's bookmarks bar to sae it. Now open any online video and click on that bookmark. You will be sent to Flvto and URL along with you, so there's no need to copy it and paste it (the video page link, of course).. Saves time and clicks for arthritis people... Yes, we're old... So we love shortcuts - less typing.